Sunday Morning Fellowship

Each Sunday, people gather downstairs for fellowship following worship for coffee, lemonade, and goodies. If you would like to help serve fellowship in the summer months (the school year is assigned to our 7th and 8th grade confirmation families), please see the sign-up sheet.

If you are serving fellowship, we ask that you bring about three dozen homemade or store-bought  cookies or bars. Cake, breads, and other treats are good too. Coffee will need to be prepared (approximately 40 cups) as well as lemonade (1 pitcher). Instructions for making the coffee can be found on the cupboard where the small plastic cups that are used are stored. Following fellowship, we ask that the servers then clean-up whatever dishes may have been used as well as the coffee pot.

*Note: We, the staff, will assist with other instructions and preparations on days that would not be considered normal such as Reformation (Confirmation) Sunday.