IMG_6859 Camp ministry is an important part of many faith journeys. Any church worker will likely say that camp was a major influence in their faith; a place where the door was opened for amazing lifelong experiences.We are fortunate to have Camp Emmaus, just a short distance from Glyndon Lutheran Church. Pathways Bible Camps offer camp opportunities for all ages!

IMG_6756If you have a child in Kindergarten through 5th Grade they are welcome to join us for Day Camp,  a 4 day event staffed by Pathways. Day Camp brings excitement, activities, adventures, and faith building.

More so, we encourage you to attend camp no matter the age. The experience is one that will be unforgettable and will keep all wanting to come back summer after summer!

If you have a 7th or 8th grade student, camp is a requirement for confirmation, but more so, it is an awesome week away from home, singing fun camp songs, learning many new things relatedIMG_6781 to both faith and life, and meeting new people.

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