Faith Formation

Spark Family Sunday School

During the summer break, please use the free video and materials from Sparkhouse.


At Glyndon Lutheran Church we realize that there are people of all ages who share many different interests while learning in different ways. Faith Formation at Glyndon is always in motion as we try to create and maintain opportunities that reach out to a variety of people.

If you are looking to see what opportunities are available for our Pre-K through 4th Grade children, please visit Children.

IMG_6859We know that your children grow up way too fast and that as they age not only are they involved in more activities but their way of learning is also constantly changing. As a result, our 5th through 12th graders experience faith formation differently depending on where they are at developmentally. For more information about the programming that is available for our youth in 5th through 12th grade, please visit Youth.

As adults we know that you are not always done learning either. After all, we have already said that there are many questions that may not have answers. Although adult faith formation is currently minimal, we are working at increasing opportunities. Any adult faith formation opportunities can be explored by visiting Adults.