Outdoor and Zoom Worship

Outdoor and Zoom Worship

Outdoor Worship starts this Sunday, June 28th!

Live Zoom Worship starts Sunday, July 5th!

Outdoor Worship will be offered at 10:00am on the last Sunday of the month now through September in our parking lot and on our lawn. Zoom worship will be offered at 9:00am all other Sundays beginning July 5th. More details are available here: Zoom and Outdoor Worship Info.

Our Outdoor and Zoom worship will be based on the Service of the Word in the ELW. You can follow along here: Outdoor and Zoom Service of the Word. The Zoom services will also include screen-sharing to sing along with songs and join in prayers and other parts of the service.

For safety, we will not be able to share Holy Communion at these services. If you would like to have Holy Communion in your home, please use this resource from the NWMN Synod: Holy Home Communion Booklet. The best time to have Holy Home Communion would be right after coming home from Outdoor Worship or right after logging out of Zoom Worship. The booklet says, “We believe the meal is celebrated after God’s Word is heard, so you might read a passage of scripture together and discuss how God is speaking to you in the biblical story, listen to a recorded sermon or tune into a livestream or radio service, before leading this liturgy.”

If you are not able to join us live for Outdoor Worship or via Zoom, we will continue to post our Weekly Devotional videos featuring the Gospel and Sermon each week. The full Zoom Worship will also be uploaded after the service. These videos will be found on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

News and Announcements

August 30th Full Worship




August 30th Devotional Video

Coming Soon: Outdoor and Live-Stream Worship!

We will be having Outdoor Worship in our parking lot and green space on June 28th and the Fourth Sunday each month. More details soon!

Live-Stream Worship will be starting in the next few weeks. Details including the time and how to log in will be posted here soon!


Spark Family Sunday School Materials

Sparkhouse has made a weekly video and printable Sunday School materials available for free on their website.


Worship Schedule

While we are unable to gather in person for worship, we encourage you to faithfully continue the practice of worship.


We will be providing the Taking Faith Home resource through our weekly email newsletter and by mail for those without email. Pastor Mark and Assisting Minister Curt will be recording weekly video messages to accompany the week’s reading.


Some area churches offer online only worship:


The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepard in Moorhead has several worship opportunities, including traditional (8:30 am) and contemporary worship (10:30 am) Sunday mornings, contemporary Wednesday evenings (6:15 pm), and Holden Evening Prayer service Wednesdays at 11:30 am. Find them at https://www.knowthegoodshepherd.org/


We will add to this list as we learn about other opportunities to remain community while separate.