Don’t be confused by the name. In the world of WordPress development, we call these things sliders, but many people call them slideshows as well. You can create a combination of slides, and there are a number of settings where you can customize each slider to fit your needs, but here are the basics.


Your standard image slider – be sure to check out all of the settings!



A not-so-standard video slider using videos from Vimeo or YouTube.

*Tip: The thumbnail option does not work on video sliders.



Want to get super-fancy?  Know how to write a little code? Then create your own customized slides in the HTML slider.


Featured Posts

This slider displays the featured image and the excerpt associated to each post in the category we’ve called “Sample Pages.”


Featured Pages

Want to show off some of your pages instead of blog posts? This slider pulls the featured image from the page(s) you select and displays the page content, where applicable.