There are so many things you can do with images from right within WordPress! Not enough? Just let us know, and we can give you some other recommendations.

Single Images


You can add all sorts of images to your posts and pages. They can be full-sized and centered (as above) or they can be a smaller size and left or right aligned. You can link them to other pages. You can even give them captions!

Congregational Care

Congregational Care

*Tip: Messing around with images can be fun, but we’re giving you fair warning. WordPress is not a photo editor (though it can edit photos) nor is it a layout editor like Publisher. It may not work the way you want it to the first time, but if you’re having difficulties, don’t hesitate to shoot us a line!


Thumbnail Galleries

Within WordPress’s Media management system, you can create quick thumbnail galleries of any of your images.


The Soliloquy sliders use a fancy WordPress thing called a shortcode. Once you’ve seen one, you’ll find them all over the place (sneaky little buggers!) – they are appended on either end by brackets and contain some words in the middle that tells WordPress to pull in specific content. On the live frontend of your site, users don’t see the shortcode, they see the content. If you edit that page or post, you’ll see the shortcode in the editor.